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About our company at Global Sources Mobile Electonics Trade Show in HongKong





   At the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show in Hong Kong

It’s been a while since we back from the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Show in Hong Kong from 18~21st October 2018. Would like to make a little recap on that here.

The cables products

You can see the Data/Charging Cable Products on the left wall of the booth as we are a manufacturer specialize in Data/Charging Cables. We were founded in 2009 and was certified by Apple during that year as MFi Licensee. One of the founders of the company: Jack Jiang has been working as a Cable Engineer for nearly 20 years. Under his guidance, the Charging/Data Cable produced by the factory always have a nice appearance and with good quality. MFi series products, from the purchase of raw materials to the production of the products, are strictly in accordance with Apple's requirements, all MFi Charging/Data Cable products have passed Apple's quality certification. The following are the cable products name: MFi 3in1 Connector Nylon Braided Data/Charging Cable products, MFi 2in1 Connector Nylon Braided Cable products, MFi USB-A Connector to Lightning Nylon Braided or PC Cable products, USB-A to USB Type-C Connector Nylon Braided or PC Cable products, USB-A Connector to USB Micro Connector Nylon or PC Cable products, USB Type-C Connector to USB Type-C Connector Nylon or PC Cable products, USB-Type-C Connector to USB Micro Connector Nylon Braided or PC Cable products, Gaming Cable, Magnetic Connectors Cable products. I can assure you that all the products above that produce in our factory definitely a good quality product.


Customer visit

 So many customers are very interested in these cable products at the trade show. 2 batches customers came to our company to discuss on the working together for the cable products on the 2nd day after the trade show.


To the left side of the cable products, we can see all the showcase of all kind of car charger. They are QC 3.0 + PD Compatibility Car Charger, In-Car Safety Features Car Charger, In-Car Tyre Shape Charger, PD & QC 2.0/3.0 Compatible Car Charger, Metal Car Charger, Metal Car Charger. Although they are not the highlight for this show they are definitely high-quality products from us.


Next to the Car Charger will be our travel charger showcase, which a lot of people also calling them as Home Charger too and they are: Multiple Plugs Travel Charger, Traveler cum Wireless Portable Charger with Multiple Plugs, Mini Traveler Charger, PD & QC 3.0 Traveler Charger, PD Traveler Charger. 


Coming next will be the portable chargers or power banks. They are: Built-in 3 in 1 Portable Charger with Charging Dock, Portable Charger with Wireless Charging, Built-in 2 in 1 Connectors Portable Charger with PD & QC 3.0, Notepad Portable Charger with Wireless Charging, Built-in 2 in 1 Connectors Portable Charger, Power Card Wallet with RFID Blocker, 3+1 Magnetic Connector Portable Charger, Ultra Slim MFi Portable Charger, Suede Pad & Aluminum Flame MFi Portable Charger, etc. 


Among them, the CPC-0001i, CPC-0002i, CPC-0001, CPC-0007 have highly focus by the visitor of the show. 


We have a special exhibit table in the middle of the trade booth which display all the Charging Solution Products that you might like to put them on your office desk or your working desk at home. Including in the list are: Wireless Charging Mouse pad , Wireless Charging with Night Light, Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad with Customize Face Plate & Shape, Mini Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad, Wireless Charging Car Holder, Foldable Wireless Charging, Round Shape PU Wrap Wireless Charger, LED Table Light with Wireless Charger, Table Insert Wireless Charger, etc.



At present time, wireless charging is still having their limitation on the charging distance of millimeter level, although it’s not a product with visible functional right now more and more mobile devices is working towards the direction and we always believed that the future is brighter for the wireless charging. However, we found that there are some advantages of it: 1. Charging Convenient, don’t need to plug in the cable, just put on it that’s all, an example when people are driving, playing etc.  2. Reduce the clutter of visible lines, in the future on the table, table lamp, bedside socket In other places, it is very likely to have wireless charging. When the mobile phone is place on these devices, it can be charged automatically. There is no need to mess around the data cables. 3. Reduce pull in and out from the data port of the mobile phone, what will affect its contact stability and even damage, wireless charging does not need to consider this issue.

Visitor is in and out of the booth and we are always standing there to entertain anyone inside the booth, we are totally exhausted but in the other way round we are happy to know more customer and we hope that with our effort, we will be able to bring more customer to our company and also introduce those charging products to our customer by creating a win~win situation with them. 


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