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by:Connectica     2020-03-21
The price of Dell laptops has always been affordable and high.Their laptop is Dell Studio 14 and is very well configured.It provides Intel Core i3 for basic users-350 M processor running on 2.26-GHz, standard 4 GB of Xeon RAM with a storage capacity of about 500 gb hard drive with ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card and 1 GB of graphics VRAM.This configuration for mainstream 14-Laptop prices fell to the bottom of the inch laptop.Unlike the Inspiron range for Dell laptops, Dell studio 14 laptops come with slots-DVD drive is loading.It is also equipped with three integrated USB ports.One of the USB ports can also be used as an eSATA port, which makes it very convenient to connect to external storage devices such as scalable hard drives.Dell Studio 14 is also equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports Wi-Fi 802.11n network, Bluetooth 2.1 wireless connection.In addition to the three audio jacks that exist in this laptop, the Dell Studio 14 also features an HDMI port connected to HD telivision, which is equipped with a multi-card reader, and there is a built-in ExpressCard slot in its chassis.
The Dell Inspiron Mini 10Vis is a cheap laptop for everyday users with a bright 10.The 1 inch widescreen display surface with a aspect ratio of 16:9 makes it easy to navigate the site to prevent a large number of left-Scroll to the right, the line of sight is smoother and you can watch the movie better.The Dell Inspiron 14 is an entry-level laptop.The keyboard of this laptop is very easy to use, and a reasonable sound quality can be obtained from the speaker.These products offer excellent performance and a very reasonable price.John Wells is an expert in personal electronics, including laptops, HCL laptops, LCD TVs, and creative MP3 players.Read expert reviews and user reviews for your gadget on sumermate.
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