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by:Connectica     2020-03-16
A few months ago, the R4 3DS team claimed that they had successfully dumped 3 3DS games and that the real R4 3DS card would be available soon.But there was no news update after that.Since the ROM dump, more and more players are following the Nintendo 3DS game jailbreak.Well, there may be several ways to crack 3DS games.First of all, we are going to introduce the key to jailbreak-the Nintendo game box.There are four kinds of cassette tape in general.

After booting, the BIOS will automatically load the data of the card and start the game directly.This model is used by GB/GBC/GBA.If the model is black, the result is serious.There will be no remedy for pirate flash cards.For R4 cards, patch patches can be added to the game to lock R4.But the console using the "BIOS" model is primary at the end of the last check.At that time, because of the high memory cost of MicroSDHC, flash cards were very expensive, which limited the development of R4 cards.You can hardly find any reaction.Hacking measures for these hosts.
After booting, you enter the main system. the main system remains the same. you need the hardware of the console to import and load the game.At the beginning of the game, it goes into box mode and is not connected to the main system.Both the NDS and the NDSL console use this model.This pattern is reversed.Jailbreak in BIOS mode.With the development of MicroSDHC card, r4 card is cheap and popular.So most NDS games have-Hacking measures.

After booting, first enter the main system. the main system is variable (can be upgraded ).The import and loading of the game also requires hardware.Although the induct game is successful, the game is not connected to the main system.Nintendo learns from Sony and uses this mode on DSi, DsiLL, and DsiXL.It is easy to lock the r4 card or r4i card on the main system.But it is impossible to change the configuration of the NDS game.Many flash cards can be detected through the console by simulating the console Rom.Also, due to the success of the industry game, the game is not connected to the main system, which means that the console can no longer detect the flash card.

Enter the main system after booting, and the main system can be verified (can be upgraded ).The game will be imported and run on the main system.The main system can detect and control the running of the game at any time.The Nintendo 3DS console only uses this model, which is why users can pause the game and go back to the main system by pressing the "Home" key.Obviously, this is the biggest obstacle to 3DS jailbreak.Since the game process is under the control of the main system, it is difficult to crack the 3DS game..(That's why the "Ridge Racer" cannot be run on Nintendo 3DS v2.0.0 system).As we know, R4 cards can be run on Nintendo DS and the DSi series console as they stimulate the nds rom to pass system detection.But the 3DS system can detect and control flash cards throughout the game.It can lock the card at any time.
Also, since the 3DS system will easily detect consistency, the street entrance and spot pass will be locked.The boot ROM is different from the register ROM and is then locked.
Looks like Nintendo.By learning the experience of DS and DSi jailbreak, it was successfully cracked on the 3DS console.Although there are a lot of R4 3DS cards on the market, they are actual DSi Cards and can only run DSi games.3DS jailbreak takes longer.Next, the 3DS console may learn from the Wii.If so, it would be very dangerous to crack the 3DS console.
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