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by:Connectica     2020-03-18
Apple celebrated its tenth anniversary of the launch of its first mobile device, marking a huge shift from the original iconic device.Today, the success of any smartphone depends on the border --Free display, wireless charging, dual camera and waterproof.The IPhone X has everything, but is that enough to guarantee its success as an iconic smartphone?
With the launch of the new phone, is Apple trying to catch up with its Android rivals?Is the new phone too expensive?
Below, we will discuss some of the key features and aspects of this new phone so that customers can make informed decisions.

If we take the iPhone 8 Plus, incorporate all its features into the body close to the iPhone 8, take the Touch ID Home button, make way for all screen designs, and add face ID, we will get the iPhone X.
In addition to the Touch ID and Home button, this new phone has all the features of the iPhone 8 Plus.Like the latter, it has no headphone jack, has a very fast six-core A11 Bionic processor and is waterproof.The dual rear camera on the new device is better than the already amazing camera on the iPhone 8 Plus.It has a glass back design that enables it to charge wirelessly.Anyone who intends to buy new equipment should also invest in a good case.In addition, due to the huge cost of repair for the broken rear glass or front glass of the new phone, it is recommended that you also purchase Apple Care Plus.

The IPhone calls the screen of the new device a Super Retina display.Come in size 5.8 inch, it competes with Android competitors such as Samsung Galaxy s8.Although it has no curved edges, it still looks amazing at 441 ppi and 1125X2436 resolution.
Although the new phone is smaller in size than the iPhone 8 Plus, it is difficult to use.New devices should always be handled with both hands as the app at the top of the screen is hard to reach.
In addition, to watch the circle-This is the first iPhone to use OLED technology on the screen.Compared to LCD monitors used on other Apple phones, the screen of the new device is more colorful and the contrast is greatly improved.

The Face ID feature of this new phone has been significantly improved over Android phones.In fact, it successfully replaced touch ID as the flagship security feature of Apple's mobile phone series.
It has a high degree of accuracy in the dark and offline.It can distinguish between face and mask or picture.Also, it works smoothly no matter what the glasses are.
However, there are some shortcomings in this new technology.There are few reports that twins can fool this function.In order for the function to work properly, the phone needs to be close to the face.
Users will be able to unlock apps that used to use touch ID as a security feature with the help of Face ID without needing an update.Also, face ID can be used for Apple Pay payments.
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