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by:Connectica     2020-03-12
As we all know, the data cable that comes with your new iphone can be charged.Instead, can the charging cable be used to synchronize with the data?What is the difference between USB Lightning cable and data cable?Let's find out the answer below.There are four standard USB data lines and charging wires, two of which are for power supply and the other two for data transfer.
There are 4 shielding lines for the data line, while there are only two charging wires.So the charging wire is not suitable for sync.The wires on the data line are thin.Different thickness, different resistance, different current.
The larger the current, the faster the charge.The original charger charges faster than the inferior brand because the copper wire in the original charger is off-Charger with power supply.2-in-1 sync and charging wires are more useful.
Has anyone asked me if there is any suggestion for the hardest lightning cable?Of course, Papalook PC501 is a great option if you are considering buying new cables.The PC501 cable with nylon woven finish has passed 8,000 plug-and-play tests.Built-in papalook connector cablePure copper wire is thicker than the original Apple cable.
2 amps output current, support fast charging.Unlike normal lightning lines, the PC 501 has a micro USB port.It allows you to charge both IOS and android devices for free at the same time.
It was approved by Apple Mfi.
No need to worry about compatibility.
If you want to buy a new lighting cable and have ios and android devices, Papalook PC501 is definitely your ideal choice.In addition, the golden cable with nylon woven finish is very stylish.Founded in 2014, Papalook specializes in the design and manufacture of fast chargers, webcams, power strips, etc.
Our team has extensive experience in handling consumer electronics products that guarantee the best value, a combination of high quality products and competitive prices to meet your needs.Today, Papalook has become one of the world's fastest growing suppliers of electronic products.For our valued customers, we will continue to provide intelligent solutions to make your daily life easier.
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