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by:Connectica     2020-03-19
Over the years, Apple has created the reputation of an innovative company for itself.For more than a decade, Apple has brought revolutionary gadgets and gadgets to the world in countless fields.It prides itself on making luxury gadgets;These gadgets make up a large part of our savings.What fashion is Armani-Apple is the technology world.Yes, Apple is a technology provider at the top of our society. in many such innovations, Apple's revolutionary wearable application Apple Watch is one of them.
Now, if your pocket allows you to buy this amazing gadget, chances are you don't know some of Apple's features yet --Hidden workThe 11 features listed below will enhance the way this gadget relieves your life.
The first feature in the list is the screenshot feature of Apple Watch.We have become accustomed to screenshots since smartphones entered our lives.We have brought it for both professional and personal use, and Apple Watch allows us to bring it.
By pressing the side button on the Apple Watch and then clicking the Digital Crown button on the screen, you will be able to capture the screenshot.
Once you hear the sound of the shutdown, you will find your screenshot in your attached iPhone photo volume.
In the professional world, there is nothing more embarrassing than when you have a meeting with your boss. your gadgets are ping.It's a rude, disrespectful job.The threatening events that most of us unfortunately endure.
But Apple Watch has a solution that will get you out of this mess.Just put your hands on the screen of the Apple Watch for a few seconds and you can put it in silent mode and save yourself a lot of embarrassment.
It's not uncommon for us to put our phones in the wrong place, and they also have a habit of hiding in the ordinary sight.So Apple Watch allows you to track your iPhone with this feature.To activate it, you need to slide up on the watch screen;The control panel screen will appear.Then clicking on the iPhone icon will ping your iPhone and you can look for it by following the sound.
While this feature is helpful, the downside is that it requires the watch to be within the Bluetooth range of the iPhone.
Apple Watch makes it easier for you to track steps.All you have to do is click the Digital Crown button twice and the last app you use will start instead of opening the previously opened app through the app list.
If you're tired of the tasteless, generic reply built into the Apple Watch, then there's a way you can customize the reply.To spice-In the reply, you need to open the Watch app on your iPhone and select the myWatch option.Here you need to select the message and click on the default message.
After clicking on the default message, a screen full of built-in messages will appear, and you can select the message you want to keep and the message you want to discard.Also, you can reply here.
No one likes to fill the screen with notifications.It's a tough and tedious task to brush them off, but Apple Watch also has solutions.All you have to do is force the press on the screen, and after a second or two, the close icon will appear on your screen.Click on it, and then you can get rid of the infernal information at once without having to sweep them away --by-one.
When our hands are occupied, such as when we are driving, we often find ourselves in trouble and we need our loyal Siri.To prevent you from doing something reckless, like driving with one hand, Apple offers you an easy solution to summon Siri to help you.When the surface of the watch is active, all you have to do is "Hey Siri", heaven-A virtual assistant that has been sent appears.
Apple takes the connection to another level through this feature of Apple Watch.Say that you are at the concert, the venue is very large, and in the thousands of people, you are separated from your friends.You can then easily notify them of your location using Apple Watch.All you have to do is start the messaging app in your Apple Watch and then have a conversation with the person you want to share the coordinates.Then press hard and some options appear immediately, all you need to do is click on the send location icon.The person will be sent the exact GPS coordinates of your location.
However, for this feature to work properly, you need to allow access to the location of the message.
Apple Watch allows you to store music and play it on any connected Bluetooth speaker.But what if you want to play these music on your Airplay device?Although the Apple Watch is hidden, it has an option to meet that demand.But due to its inconspicuous nature, there is only one place where you can find this option.You need to go to the now-played screen of your Apple Watch's music app and press hard there;Some options pop up on the screen, one of which is called-AirPlay button.
Clicking on it will allow you to stream music to the nearest AirPlay device.
There is an option in Apple Watch that allows you to add personal touch to the watch surface of Apple Watch.It allows you to place personalized fourA combination of characters and letters on the watch surface.It can only be alphanumeric/symbol, but it still adds a personal feel to your watch.To set up monogram on Apple Watch for free, you need to find the Watch app under clock settings, where you will find an option, allow you to design custom monogram for your Apple Watch.
If you feel tired of listening to Siri and want to mess things up, there's a way we can get you to do that.Voice in a Can-a third-The standalone Apple Watch app lets you contact Amazon's Alexa with the Apple Watch.Since it's a standalone Apple Watch app, voice in Can doesn't require you to contact Alexa with your iPhone;All you need is a Wifi network that works.
Voice in Can, as a third-party app, does not allow music to be played, Echo notifications and phone calls, but it does support all smart home features.So, before Amazon officially supports Apple Watch, voice can be used as a viable way for you to contact Alexa on Apple Watch.
Now, after listing some of the most interesting hidden features of Apple Watch, let's talk about its next feature.While there has been speculation that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be released sometime in the fall of 2018, it's heartbreaking when Apple doesn't even mention it in WWDC 2018.I know, I know, sad!But that doesn't mean Apple didn't give us anything to be excited about.
At WWDC this year, Apple announced the release of watchOS 5 in the fall.Despite the many exciting features this update has, the main focus of the update seems to be the health and fitness tracking feature.
Here are some of the most exciting updates watchOS 5 will bring to Apple Watch.
The main focus of this update seems to be the fitness and health tracking feature.WatchOS 5 will allow you to compete with friends for up to seven days.For those who like to run as leisure activities, it will be nice to know that updates include better tracking of your rhythm and rhythm.
In addition, the update will enable your Apple Watch to track your workout automatically!If the watch detects that you are exercising, it will automatically notify you if you forget to start following the exercise before you start.
2.Walkie-Conversation on the wrist!
This feature is probably the most interesting update in the upcoming watchOS 5.It will allow you to communicate with other Apple Watch wearers by simply pressing the button on the side of the watch and speaking to the watch.People at the other end can hear you and respond.
3.Siri has been transformed!
Apple will enhance Siri watch face by adding motion, maps, heart rate information and shortcuts to the new Siri feature, which will be released with ios 12.Also, Apple no longer needs to say "Hey Siri" to call Siri.Whenever you raise your hand and start talking to Siri, Siri gets started.
4.Open Web-
Apple announced that users can view certain web pages on the watch screen through watchOS 5.They said the Web page will be optimized for the small screen and touch interaction of Apple Watch.
In some minor updates, watchOS 5 will include new podcast apps, the ability to play background audio, and a customizable control center.
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