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by:Connectica     2020-03-17
WatchOS 5 is doing better than ever and it offers some new exciting features that keep you connected, active and healthy.In this article, we will discuss some of the best and latest features Apple watchOS has recently added to it.Let's get started!

Notifications in WatchOS 5 have been greatly improved.It's time to check in or prompt you to remind you that Uber is over and not just to be notified;You will be able to respond in the notification.For example, you can quickly check your flight status, or rate your Uber driver, or adjust your table reservation to more people without having to open a separate app.
A set of notifications are also cleverly combined, just as they may appear on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12.In addition, you can click on the web link and view it on your watch.It may not be possible to browse the site completely, but you can certainly see the link sent to you without your iPhone.In addition, you can plan or schedule do not disturb by setting Do Not Disturb to a certain amount of time, or until your current location is retained ".
New Walkie-
Most of us know the joke.A couple sit in the same place but useGame Chat talk to each other.Well, the new walkie-talkie.This is not the case with watchOS.It is the opposite.The Walkie-Talkie app recommends that you call, text or email a contact a lot, after which the user may need to send-Time request for contacts who invite people to join.If they accept it, you can start talking to that person at any time.
A few days ago we checked out where they were by visiting friends and family, shouting in the room and all the floors;Now we press the intercom.Talk button, ask directly.Believe me, it's fast, clean and it's audio "face to face"The level is encrypted, so it is also confidential.The walkie-The Talkie feature has really improved a lot.

Siri Face is nothing new to Apple Watch, but watchOS 5 offers some new features.Third-party apps are now starting to be supported, and Siri shortcuts are a great feature for iOS 12, as well as Apple watches.
Siri shortcuts will look at predictive shortcuts exported from your usual schedule on Apple Watch.For example, the "Nike" running club may inform you to ask if you are running today or, if you want it to navigate to your home, suggest "Citymapper ".Also, you don't have to say "Hey Siri" over and over again ".Both WatchOS 5 updates.In its position, you just need to raise your wrist and ask your question, Siri will help you with the best advice.

Now, you can add the podcast to Apple Watch in watchOS 5;Podcasts are automatically synced on your device, allowing you to lift the stop on different iOS devices.Here, you can also use Siri to search for and stream any show on the Apple podcast.In terms of audio, some of the third questionsParty apps are also supported for background audio.So you can also add audiobooks.
Thank you for reading this blog!We hope the above information will allow you to learn more about Apple watchOS 5 and its new hot features.

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