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by:Connectica     2020-03-17
Do you remember the days when you paid everything with a check, cash or credit card? IPhone 6 or 6 Plus Apple Pay devices will change these days.In October, Apple launched the payment function, which will change the way you buy things in stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores, etc. with just a touch of your finger, whether it's an iPhone or an iWatch.It is private, safe and easy to use.
With Touch ID, the iPhone 6 can use an innovative near-field communication antenna for natural movement even without opening the app.All you have to do is put your finger on the Touch ID, place your iPhone near the contactless reader and pay for it.If you want to pay with an Apple Watch, you just need to doubleClick on the button next to the Digital Crown to hold the Apple Watch's face near the contactless reader, and the beep will confirm your payment.
With Apple Pay, it's easy to install.With a passbook, it can store your boarding pass, ticket, coupon, etc.Now you can also store your credit and debit cards.To get started, just go to the iTunes account on your passbook and add your credit and debit cards with a simple security code.If you want to add more credit cards, you just need to capture your credit card information using the iSight camera or you can enter it manually.You can enter any number of credit cards using Passbook or iSight and set the default settings.
Every time you use Apple Pay, there is a device that protects your credit card number that is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored in the security element, your iPhone and Apple WatchThese numbers are stored on your iPhone or iWatch.Every time you buy, there will be a device account next to the transaction-Use a specific dynamic security code to process your payment, so your credit card information will never be shared with others.
If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can quickly put your device in Lost Mode using "Find My iPhone" so you can't access anything, or you can put your iPhoneWith Apple Pay, your deals are completely private and only you can access them.Your purchase is stored in the passbook for convenience and it will not go anywhere else.With Apple Pay, you can complete all purchases with just a touch of your finger.
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