best wireless charger for iphone x and apple watch where it wins over the oneplus 6 -

by:Connectica     2020-03-17
OnePlus 6 was officially unveiled today on an occasion in London.OnePlus has an unknown Chinese OEM on the market, but the company has been known in recent years for its continued introduction of countless smartphones.

Headphone jack: countless things, this Chinese company will definitely keep a headphone jack at the bottom of OnePlus 6.On the iPhone, the headphone jack will not be used longer.So if you're a man who can't moveYou may want this wired headset to be available.
Fingerprint scanner: in addition to the facial resolution feature, one plus 6 is available through the fingerprint scanner on the back.Although the expression unlock on the device requires unlocking at 0.4 seconds, the fingerprint scanner is even earlier, only 0.2 seconds.
Price: in terms of price, the price of one plus 6 is only 35,830, while the price of iPhone X is 67,663.Due to the price gap between the two devices, you can even buy another one plus 6 by spending a few more dollars.
Dual-SIM: dual with OnePlus 6This means that you will have the talent to use both SIM cards on your phone at the same time.On the iPhone X, Apple has proposed only one SIM card variant.
With the launch of the new OnePlus 6, the business is again focused on Rush and design.So how does the new OnePlus 6 relate to the iPhone X?Let's find it in a quick comparison of the article.

Waterproof: the iPhone X is prepared with an ip67certification for water and dust confrontation, while the OnePlus 6 lacks any IP guarantee.The device originated from 6 "daily water confrontation" and allegedly survived the heavy rain without any problems.
Wireless charging: Although OnePlus 6 contains glass design, it does not provide wireless charging.But the iPhone X features fast wireless charging.5W).Although wireless charging is not as fast as wired charging, it is still more convenient.
Better camera: one plus 6 terrain with dual camera set on the back: 16MP f/1.7 lens a 20MP/1.7 lens with OIS and EISWhile OnePlus enhances the imaging department, it is difficult for the iPhone X to run out in camera excellence.
Stereo Speaker: OnePlus 6 has a minimum ignition speaker, it can't compete with the stereo speaker on the iPhone X, on the iPhone X, the bottom speaker is the tweeter on the top headphone Grill
Better to build excellence: both the iPhone and the OnePlus 6 are derived from the front and rear glass panels, but the OnePlus 6 uses an aluminum chassis and the iPhone X terrain is equipped with a more advanced stainless steel reinforced chassis, give the iPhone X a healthier look and feel.
What are your reasons for the new OnePlus 6?Will you buy one instead of the 67,663 iPhone X?Let us know in the following observations.
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