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by:Connectica     2020-03-21
Putting Christmas lights on your golf cart is a great way to add fun to any party, especially if the party is at the Country Club.You should use LED Christmas lights in this work because they use less power and have plastic bulbs instead of glass bulbs.If the golf cart has a 12 v port, you will plug the Christmas lights directly into the golf cart, or if it has a normal auto charger port, you will use a DC to AC converter.
Drive the golf cart to a garage or other secluded area that can work.If the golf cart is wet, dry it with a towel.It's best not to do any wiring without the object drying.Turn off the golf cart and turn on the parking brake.
Wrap the Christmas lights around the pillars of the golf cart roll cage, and on the ceiling, you should wrap each 6 inch pole in one package.Wrap the Christmas light wiring on the roof in X shape and extend down the rear handrails.Do not hang the lights on any seat and do not hang the lights on the seat.Do not wind any Christmas lights near the tires as they may be twisted around the axle.Do not wrap any wires around the bottom of the golf cart as they may be destroyed.If you need extra Christmas lights decorative length, please insert Christmas lights into each other.
If the golf cart has a normal AC outlet, plug the power plug into the 12 v outlet.If your golf cart has a DC outlet (cigarette lighter outlet), please pull out the cigarette lighter plug and put it in the DC to AC converter plug.Then plug the LED Christmas light plug into the 12 v socket on the inverter plug.
Turn on the golf cart and watch the Christmas lights light up.If nothing goes wrong then the wire may not be good or the plug may not be fully installed on the socket.Once you 've solved any problem, use the zipper to tie the Christmas string to the support bar by wrapping the zipper around the string and tightening it.After completion, use tape on the plug to waterproof the connection.
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