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by:Connectica     2020-03-11
Refurbished phones have gained great recognition among customers with limited budgets but strong desire to use themEnd phones such as IPhone, Samsung Note or Galaxy series.The two main reasons why second-hand mobile phones become attractive products are low price labels and warranty guarantees.Both factors are a steal deal for customers.
However, after purchasing the phone of your choice, the sad hint may drop due to its secondary source.But there are a few things that can help you get rid of that feeling and make it look and function like a brand new phone if executed.1.Clean the phone for a shiny lookRefurbished phones are usually healthy and clean.
If you receive something covered with dirt and dust, take a piece of fiber cloth and use it to slide on the screen.Clean the USB and audio ports with cotton swab.Open the back cover and blow off the accumulated dust.
Doing this will give your phone a new shine.2.Delete unnecessary dataPlug in the SIM card and turn on the phone to see if there are any apps or data that are useless to you.Sometimes unnecessary apps take up a lot of space and make the phone dull.
Change settings according to your preferences and preferences.This will help you get to the comfort level with your phone faster.3.Test battery life-Turn off the phone and charge for 8 hours.
Note the speed of battery consumption without affecting mobile activity.If you notice a quick drain, consider having the phone repair center check it out.Using weak batteries for a long time will affect the life and performance of the phone.
Check the condition of the accessories-If you are also lucky enough to receive the accessories, please check their condition.Check the audio with headphones, USB cable with charging, etc.5.Cover your phone.If your phone has not received any case, buy it a new cover that is interesting and useful.
There are a variety of cases now, such as the back.Battery Case, soft gel bumper case, etc.The new cover enhances the look and adds additional impact protection to it.If you follow these steps after purchasing a refurbished phone, you will definitely love every bit of the new device.
Also, you won't feel like your phone is not new
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