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by:Connectica     2020-03-15
Buying a charging station for your electric car may be more complicated than picking the car itself.There's a lot to learn about what's right to charge your car and when to charge it.
After all, when charging the car, there are many factors to consider.Charging requires electricity and you will charge a large battery.So power must come from somewhere.
Also, if you want to maintain the battery life of the vehicle, how should you charge it?Replacing car batteries can be expensive because they are big and delicate.
Therefore, you need to choose the perfect charging station for your car (and demand.In this article, we will discuss the basic types of charging stations (in terms of power) and who should use them.
Three stages of the electric charging station.
When you choose a charging station, you can choose between stages1, Stage-2, and Stage-3.
The difference is the power and charging speed of each site.Each station is suitable for certain types of vehicles and buildings, so you should know the difference between them.
Stage-The charging speed of 1 site is very slow.They are good if you want to respect the cabling system in your home, but very impractical.
Stage-One site can charge 75 miles to Nissan's leading position within 15 hours.It's too much time, especially if you travel or commute a lot.
So you usually make a choice between stages.2 and Stage-3 stations.Stage-2 and 3 stations are larger than the stage voltage and the current is larger1 stations.
At stage-1, you draw 120 V voltage with 15-Current 20 am ps.Stage-2 pull 240 volts, 30-60 amps.
In fact, a stage2 stations can charge Nissan Leaf at around 4-5 hours.
Stage-3: DC fast charging station.
Stage-3 sites are different from previous models.This station uses a current of more than 480 amps, with a voltage of 125 volts.
That's too much for a standard family.Operation stage-The three stations in the House could actually damage the electricity of the building.
If you are going to use this option, power off from time to time.Stage-3 models are not the type you have installed in your home or residential building.
However, if you have a 480 V socket for use, you can install them in the office building.Just make sure you own that building...
In addition, most electric vehicle batteries are designed to stop the stage used when charging 80%3 station.The station is too powerful, and it will quickly reduce the life of the car battery if it is not adjusted properly.
Does this mean stage?3 Station useless?
Not at all!These stations are ideal for fast charging when traveling or going out to work, but are out of power.
You will usually find charging stations in shopping malls, public areas or large buildings that can withstand electric suction.Be sure to mark the location of the Level 3 charging station near your residence.
They will be nice to you in an emergency.If you don't have time to enrich-Expenses on stage1 or 2 stops, just go to the stage-There are 3 stations nearby and get the quick top up you need!
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