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by:Connectica     2020-03-15
If you are reading this then you may have bought an electric car (or are considering it ).
After all, electric cars are more important than the environment.You will spend a lot of money to buy one as an owner, which means you need to learn about safety measures and maintenance.
Because electric vehicles use very delicate huge batteries, maintenance is particularly important.Charging an electric car is not a problem of plugging in the car and then sitting back.The charging mechanism is more complicated than this.
You also have to consider the impact of electric vehicle charging stations on your home.
Charging stations for electric vehicles.
If you have an electric car then you need to charge it at home.This means that you need to install a charging station in the garage at home.
When installing an electric vehicle charging station, you have to pick an accessory for your car.In fact, the power of electric vehicle charging stations is different, some charge faster, and some charge slower than others.
In any case, the topic of power will be discussed later.We want to talk about brands.
Certain EV batteries (allegedly) work best with specific EV charging station manufacturers.You will often see that a car company will sign a contract with the station manufacturer to produce the right model for their car.
When you buy a new electric vehicle, you will be recommended to sign up to the manufacturer to purchase your charging station.
Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for you to choose the station you need.After all, the recommended manufacturer may provide you with a station of low quality.
The station you receive may cause an overload of the wiring system in your home and cause electrical failure.You may also be recommended to use an electric vehicle charging station that consumes too much power to shoot your electricity bill on the roof.
Another scenario that needs to be considered.
The previous information is from the perspective of the owner.But what if you live in an apartment?
In this case, you must install an electric vehicle charging station using the power supply of the building.You will need to get approval from the building as it will also affect their electricity bill.
Also, what if construction residents had electric cars?What if you decide to set up a joint station with another electric car owner?In this case, you cannot rely on the advice of the manufacturer.You need to go around.
Some suggestions.
We recommend you to go around and find charging stations that suit your needs.You want a charging station that consumes less power and lasts longer.
You also want a charging station that respects your car's battery and charges it in a way that doesn't affect battery life.
Another factor to consider is the weather.The charging of your car is affected by the thermal environment.Inserting and charging a car battery in a hot environment can cause the battery to overheat.You also need an electric vehicle charging station that respects weather conditions.
Finally, be sure to get advice from an electrician before installation.You may not be an expert in measuring the impact of power stations on your car or power supply.
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