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by:Connectica     2020-03-11
Mobile battery-The issue of fees is quite common.We often run to the market to buy new Chargers instead of solving the problem by following simple tips!However, if you want to know some convenient solutions, then this article is the right destination for you.Here we bring you some valuable tips from the mobile repair course.
So, let's start by understanding the types of issues you face when charging your phone.We had some issues with charging like you let your phone charge but it didn't charge.Sometimes the charging speed is too slow or the connection is disconnected.
This could be for some reason-Poor connector, USB port failure, adapter issues, etc.Here are some simple solutions taught to students in the mobile repair course.You can try a simple and easy to use DIY repair.
This solution is followed because sometimes the internal metal surface of the USB port & the charger connection is not good.It is important for both of them to maintain good contact to complete the charging cycle.Poor connection may be due to manufacturing defects or frequent plugsin and plug-Remove from the charger.
You can fix this by simply picking up your toothpickBe careful inside the USB port on your mobile device.But remember to remove the battery before following this procedure.The possibility of no charging failure of the adapter or mobile device is small.
We didn't realize it, but most of the time it was a cable failure that prevented the charger from charging the mobile device.Students at the mobile repair Academy usually start with basic solutions that technicians often skip.Therefore, develop the habit of checking the charging cable.
The cable may be curled, twisted, or not working properly due to the inability to charge the mobile battery.Try the new USB cable and see if it works.After checking the cable, check the socket and finally check the adapter.
To find out what the problem is, just use a different charger and try to charge your phone.The reason the mobile charger is not connected may be that there is dust lint inside the port.Tiny particles inside can hinder the charging process.
So make sure the USB port is clean.
You can use a flashlight or a mobile Flash to view the internal metal surface of the charger and the mobile USB port.The next important advice is not to let the phone charge near the water surface, pool or any spilled liquid.Don't let your phone charge too long, especially overnight.
During the mobile repair course, the students were properly trained to learn how do and don for mobile charging affect the life of the cell phone battery.Solution 4: Switch-If you're watching the video and then charging the phone, obviously it takes more time to charge.Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the phone or turn off the large application running on the phone.
The mobile repair course also emphasizes giving students an idea of how to run and maintain various software applications.The above 4 solutions can help you solve the charging problem.If not, then you can try the new mobile battery of the same model right away.
However, do not buy any local batteries or brand batteries.If you are eager to learn and repair anything related to your mobile phone, then join the mobile phone repair course
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