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by:Connectica     2020-03-20
WE FELT COMFY!!!Component 1) my husband and I want you to know how anxious and enjoyable it is for us to choose new furniture from Seldens home furniture, and the delivery of furniture and accessories.We really felt that Bonnie Stromberg went above and beyond what most decorators would do to make sure we were comfortable with the choices we made with her guidance.She came to our house on the day off to make sure the furniture was right for our space so the show reassured us that it would look lovely and indeed!We were very pleased with the new look and were very comfortable.We really think we made a new friend.She was here on the day of delivery, put everything here and helped us hang the artwork with the mirror.This is what we call quality service.
Complete the room in logical order!Lindy from Seldons furniture has learned about our style, needs and currency rhythm.She leads our project by providing excellent choices in balance and sharing her views.We have learned to really value Lindy's point of view.She knows what we want before we figure it out!Her attention to artistic aspects and details has always been crucial.Also, Lindy keeps us focused.When I tend to bounce randomly from one project to another, from one room to another, she subtly rebuildsGuide us to the general room in a logical order.This makes the problem more rational and sensible.
The moving man is too polite!!!Component 2: If you or anyone from Selden furniture has a referral requirement for your ad, we are your person.Like Becky, you are happy to work with us and everyone who talks to us over the phone is very accommodating.Jack is now with the movers and takes the heavy furniture out of the house before the carpet is used.He is a very good young man, and both moving people are very polite and willing to do everything they can to get the job done.I can't trust any suggestions for improvement or change.
Any furniture is needed!!It is a pleasure to do business with Bassett Furniture, Seldens furniture and will keep your company in mind in future furniture needs.
Note: The reviews for Seldens home decor are true.This positive certification review of Seldens Home furnisc may be modified to comply with the special content in the review space provided herein.Tel: 253-922-5700 more 5 star reviews and ratings.
With this 1940 in mind, we like to say on Selden's furniture that we "have a style in every way of life ".Selden's home decor offers exquisite home decor, free design services, customer service, accessories, carpets, handmade itemsBundled carpets, floors, window treatments, custom cabinets, expert delivery services, computer preview programs, and play areas for children.Our areas of service include Tacoma, Federal Road, lunton, Bellevue, Everett, Olympia, parkland, Seattle, Kent, puyalupu, Lynwood,Call us now (253) 922-5700 or visit our website http://Seldens .com.
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