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by:Connectica     2020-03-12
The 11 inch Apple MacBook Air model is Apple's latest design in 2010.Design is hard to make mistakes--It looks great, it is very well assembled and comfortable to use even considering its small size.The aluminum unibody feels solid and has a lot of nice touches that make it a pleasure to use.
For example, the backlit keyboard is perfect for use in a dark environment, and the MagSafe power connector ensures that you and your MacBook will not be hurt if you trip on the charger cable.But what really makes us win is show.Clear clarity and rich color range are the best.The view angle is also very wide, although the finish of the screen is glossy, but the Apple's reverseThe reflective coating means that the mirror effect is reduced and does not distract.
Apple MacBook Air 11in (64 gb) is an excellent SuperFor those who don't want to make a choice between portability and computing power, this is portable.It may only have 2 gb of RAM and a small 64 gb SSD, but since it has a low-voltage Intel Core i5 that weighs less than a netbook, these are all easily forgiven.An 11.The 6in (1,366x768 resolution) screen is good but many will be happy to see the other two surprises.
The first is Thunderbolt port, which is even much faster than USB 3.0 ports.Followed by a backlit keyboard that really enhances the premium look of 11 in Air.It has almost no weight.existent 1.08 kg, only 17mm thick, is the best portability for any non-tablet device.
Intel Core i5 low voltage-2467M (1.
The 6 GHz) processor makes 11 in Air so exciting in terms of price as it is comparable to the one in the laptop and weighs almost three times as much as the laptop.It can even increase the clock speed to 2.Due to the integration of Turbo Boost 2, 3 GHz under load.
0 technology.
The Intel HD Graphics card 3000 is also integrated enough to run the updated game with low settings.Anyone who knows Apple knows that consumers pay extra for their products.Given some of the fun activities in the MacBook Pro Series laptops, now could be the ideal time to take advantage of the sharp drop in Apple laptop prices.
Recently, several new and refurbished MacBook Pro models have been sold in large quantities.The Apple store has refurbished various models, which can save more cost depending on the model.Something is clearly happening in the market, but it is not clear what it is.
Before the official announcement of the new product, Apple has been vague about the intention of its new product.However, it is not possible to ignore all the recent activities of its famous laptop series
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