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by:Connectica     2020-03-18
This is the first shutter-proof phone, according to Motorola.After a period of testing, we found that this sentence is true.Motorola uses a different approach, which they call Moto Shater Shield.It is a combination of 5 different layers of glass.In addition to that, there is a flexible high quality plastic shield, not Gorilla Glass.Thanks to the flexibility of the display, it remains safe after any unexpected drop.It can easily absorb damage from the usual falling quiet.This is a good feature because we often drop our phones in our daily use.But two key issues must be pointed out.First of all, it's just to protect the screen, not the entire phone.Their hardware may still be damaged depending on the fall.Second, scratches are more likely due to the plastic cover on the screen.But the solution is easy when you use a good screen protector.It has a 4.The 5 inch-inch Quad HD Super amoled display is really up to standard.Bright colors and realistic appearance.Even in the broad daylight, it is very comprehensive and comfortable for users.
In terms of appearance, one can say that this is not the best look in the market.It may seem a little dull to some people.But if you can ignore the fact, you will find that there is a great hardware under this body.It's equipped with a four CPU.core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57.Snapdragon 810 and the Adreno 430 GPU make this phone a veritable power.It also has a 3 gb RAM for whooping, which is very convenient when dealing with larger applications.
Motorola has 3670 batteries for the giant, one of the key features of the product.Motorola claims the phone will last 48 hours in normal use.It sounds really great, but the fact that we 'd rather have 36 hours of life is great too.The phone features wireless charging.But unfortunately, Motorola did not offer any wireless chargers for the phone.You have to buy it manually.
Another unique thing to mention is that this phone has 5 speakers that can better eliminate noise.This is the first phone with five speakers.In addition, the 21 MP rear camera with flash and the 5 MP front camera work very well.With the rear camera you can even shoot 4 k!The phone also comes with a turbo charger, which is very convenient.Charge for 15 minutes and you will get 13 hours of battery life!
Despite the high price of the phone, it still lacks some complicated features, such as a digital print scanner.Also, it's a bit frustrating that the phone still runs with Android Lollipop instead of marshmallow.The base model starts with 32 gb ($624.$00), 64 gb version ($720.00 USD).Yes, there is no 16 gb version of this phone.Of course, like most android phones, this phone also offers dedicated mircoSD slots.
In the end, I would recommend this phone to those who don't care too much about appearance, more about performance and battery life.It's a solid phone, so it can be a good choice for travelers and photographers.
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