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by:Connectica     2020-03-11
Choosing the right biometric machine for your organization is more than just a hardware decision.Because it involves not only access control, but also employee attendance data.The device should work seamlessly with attendance software and should help HR and management improve payroll generation and productivity.
With 100 of biometric attendance machines, fingerprint attendance machines or attendance machines flooding the market, the decision has become difficult.How to separate the bad from the best?Is that the same in your company background?What biological features are necessary for a progressive company?To check the robustness of the claim, what questions do we have to ask?In this article, we will list the steps and tests to choose the time and attendance machine that suits you.I have compiled an exhaustive list of the features, software, reports, processes and techniques required in modern fingerprint attendance equipment.
Do not confuse access control with attendance management.Access control is designed to allow authorized employees to enter and to restrict unauthorized personnel.It also recorded the time, so management also tried to use this data for attendance management.
Access is used multiple times a day, making attendance logs cumbersome.Access control data and information are accessed while attendance is the responsibility of HR.When two tasks are on the same machine, coordination between the two teams is an additional activity.
According to the attendance data expert, when access control is used for attendance, about 12% attendees are not marked for various reasons.It initiates attendance normalization requests.Additional work in HR and IT departments, as well as loss of productivity for employees.
When manufacturers of biometric devices developed their systems, villains also discovered the cycleHole and method of cracking technology.So, it's important to recognize what level of security your company needs?Fingerprint identification is enough for basic security, but for higher level protection, you should use the correct biometric device with finger card, face pin or retina, Palm verification sensorAnd false fingerprint recognition technology.Installing biometric attendance equipment with the correct combination of functions and functions is the key to successfully preventing intruders.
A: The source of equipment design: Although most of the equipment components are made in China, more importantly, where is it designed?For example, Apple's iphone was designed in the United States and shipped from China.My research has shown that biometric devices designed in Korea have a better quality and attendance management thinking process built into the design, which may be necessary for mature time capture devices.The core of the device is the sensor.The sensor technology designed in Korea is also very superior.
These devices are staff friendly and seamlessly connected to the enterprise attendance software.B: Sensor: The most important criterion for selecting fingerprint attendance equipment is the reliability of the sensor.It can scan the fingerprint or face and then match the speed and accuracy of the exact results.
The durability and longevity of the sensor is also important, as replacing the sensor due to failure is a pain & a challenge to business continuity.Sensors in the new era also have fake real-time recognition technologies.You have to read recent news about how some employees use fake fingerprints, which are also losing money while losing money --hours.
C: Manufacturing of equipment: staff attendance grasping attendance should be strong and durable with good physical quality.It should meet the ip65standard.This is important because in countries like India, the labor force usually uses equipment roughly.The weather is also very different.We all saw extreme cold and heat.Waves in the same place.Only strong equipment can cope with such climate and weather changes.
The machine should be dust too-resistant.
Biometric devices are vulnerable to this.
D: default biometric features: Biometric time and attendance devices should be built in-In the fingerprint reading sensor, RFID and smart card reader, employee fingerprint local registration keyboard, power supply, Internet Jack, wall-mounted option.It should have the ability to store employee time and attendance logs for at least 30 days, as well as the ability to generate punch-in reports.Ask your supplier: can they store at least 1000 finger templates on the device?.
This will ensure seamless information transfer between biometric hardware and attendance software.Step 3: Evaluation of attendance time and attendance.Nature of the business, complexity of the shift, attendance records of employees or on-site employees working on the customer's site, terminal attendance records and on-site employees.
Must be selected from various attendance marking devices.B: Is the biometric equipment modern?to-date?With the continuous development of technology, the latest version of the biological fingerprint device has been smart enough to sense the difference between fake and live fingers.These devices push data directly to the server through the cloud instead of the local server, which ensures real-time attendance data.
Connect small biometric hamster to mobile and other smart devices via OTG cable, with geo-fencing & geo-Marking is also possible.In modern biometric devices, the master fingerprint template is stored in the cloud for authentication.Finger templates can be registered from remote locations.
There is a lot of storage capacity on the device.With a high level of configuration, the performance of biometric devices can be well managed.Even face detection techniques with night vision/poor light are available.
Choose according to your requirements.
C: biometric machine configuration: There are many configurations for biometric equipment.But most of the time these features are not used.In fact, customers do not know the advantages of these features.
So they don't get all the benefits.
A quick check of what must be configured.
Combination of certification/authorization.It can be a finger card or a PIN card.Fork in and out.D: verified biometric service provider: New-The business of The Times is not only a good product, but also its value.Add the table brought by the service provider.
This is also about the employee experience.And fast after-sales support.Quick Checklist for attendance system service providers.With the correct biometric equipment, the appropriate attendance software must be used.
The future will be a comprehensive attendance system.The company now only focuses on corporate attendance solutions.In my 10 years of experience using the attendance management system, I see that many customers are hooked on the wrong device because they want to save some money, but due to the high cost of installation, procurement, training and dependency, it cannot be changed now.
With a new generation of biometric devices, immigration is less difficult and the economy is attractive
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