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by:Connectica     2020-03-21
Wall sockets are not always where you need them...Sometimes not even in the room....However, you should not let the socket on the wall decide how you arrange the room.Extending the extension cord from one end of the room to the other, or even through the wall, is very easy and a great solution to put the appliance where you want it.With a few simple steps below, you can deliver power from room to room and deliver all the power you need economically to where you need it.
Find an open boltThe free space in the wall is as close as possible to the area where you want to pass the wires through the wall.Tap the wall gently and move horizontally until hollow sounds are heard.This hollow sound means that the area does not have any bolts (vertical wooden beams that hold the House together) or other equipment to make it easier and safer for your wires to pass through that part of the wall.
Use the stud finder in this step, or consult your home plan to see exactly what's going on between your walls.If you suspect that there are pipes or wires going through the section, it is a particularly good idea to consult a plan, although these pipes or wires usually run with bolts.
Mark points on one side of the wall and make accurate measurements to locate points relative to the side walls that continue to enter the next room.
Move to another room and use your size and side wall as a reference to mark exactly the same position on the other side of the wall.
Drill in the marked position and then drill the same hole on the other side of the wall.
Cut off the end of the extended string and leave at least 2 inch of the wire length from the end of the power cord or plug.
This cut allows you to pass the wire through the wall without having to make a big hole to get the plug or power strip through the wall.Once the wire goes through the wall, it can be reconnected later.
Pass the wire through an opening and pull it out on the other side.This wire will serve as a guide to make it easier for you to pass flexible wires through the walls.
Wrap the wire around the end of the extension cord on one side of the wall.Go to the other side of the wall and pull the wire until it goes through the wall completely.
Peel off the end of the wire with a peel.In addition, to remove the insulation, peel off the end of the cut-off wire and allow you to reconnect the wire.
Wrap the opposite wires together by hand.Make sure the copper strands are screwed together well.If there are separate wires inside the wires, be sure to connect the wires of the same color together.
Wrap the tape around the attached bare wire.The whole connection is then insulated with more tape.
Plug the appliance into the power cord and start using the new power in the new location.
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