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by:Connectica     2020-03-21
Brother sewing machine is a very popular brand that offers a basic model suitable for starting a sewer, and luxury models capable of performing hundreds of stitching functions.The range of existing models is as large as the price range, from about $100 for the most basic machines to thousands of dollars for the brand's topof-the-line model.No matter what particular model you have, some of the things you need to do to operate a Brother Sewing Machine are generic.
Insert the needle.Turn the wheel on the side of the machine and lift the needle bar to the highest position.Loosen the needle clip located on the side of the needle opening.Keep the needle on the flat side facing the back and push the needle up until it enters the needle opening.Tighten the needle clip.Do not try to sew with a curved or dull needle.A dull needle will make you miserable.High quality stitching, the machine may not even run if you try to use a curved needle.
Thread of machine.Place the wire shaft on the wire shaft bracket located at the top of the machine.Following the chart drawn on the machine, the guide line passes through the appropriate series of rings and rails until it reaches the needle.The path of the thread varies depending on the model, but it always has to pass through the tension device (usually a pair of small discs)Lift the lever of the needle up and down, and the needle at the bottom of the machine.To complete the threading of the machine, insert the line into the needle.(See the Resources section for more detailed instructions on threading Brother sewing machines.
Insert the line axis.The spool is a small disc thread that is placed in the spool box or bracket and then placed at the bottom of the machine.The thread shaft maintains the bottom thread that is staggered with the top thread in order to form the seam when sewing.Without the shaft, the machine will not sew the needle.The way to load the spool varies depending on the sibling model, but it always plugs into the bottom of the machine, usually under the FlipGo out or slide the door.
Select the stitch pattern.The Brother Sewing Machine offers a wide range of practical tools and decorative stitching patterns.The picture of the needle is usually located in front of the machine.The computer model allows you to select the stitch pattern by touching the button.On the manual machine, turn the dial located on the front or side of the machine until the picture of the needle you want to use appears in the mouth of the observation window.
Balance tensionsThe top and bottom tension of your brother sewing machine must be balanced in order to be ready-Quality seam.If the tension is not equal, the stitching will appear drooping on one side of the fabric, or when you sew, the fabric will pile up.The numbered tension plate is usually located at the top of the machine, controlling the tension of the upper thread.The spool box usually has a tiny screw that can be turned slightly to adjust the tension of the bottom line.Adjustment is rarely required for Bobbin threads.Usually, balance tension can be achieved by adjusting the upper thread tension dial.
Plug the power plug into the side or back of the machine.The plug is connected to the power cord with a socket at one end that can be plugged into the power supply and the second wire leads to the foot pedal.Plug the power plug into the wall socket.Put your foot on the floor and step on the pedal to make the machine work.
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