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by:Connectica     2020-03-19
It has been almost 20 years since I last saw Le Roy.So when we finally meet, no topic is banned.We talked about all kinds of things.Our conversation eventually turns to the subject of perception and how it affects our beliefs and actions.I told Le Roy about the experience of our common friend Norman.Norman lost his so-External power supply for smartphonespack.(In fact, he lost it by his carelessness;But it's a completely different story ).The standard telephone line is not compatible.Norman can easily power off from the outsideFully packed with built-in batteries.But as most people, if not everyone knows, so-It is called "smart phone ".The way Norman uses his equipment, he definitely needs extra power.Norman searched the power site.The manufacturer of Pack \, hoping to find the replacement cable he can purchase.He found it;But not cheap.Price is not a problem, however.If purchased directly from the manufacturer's website, the time it takes to receive the attachments is worrying.Because it takes a few days.Norman needs a rope. he wants to hurry up.It is not urgent to remove him.What to do?It was a bold move, but Norman went back to the store where he originally bought his phone and power --Packaging, it is considered that the attachment may be available.That's where things get interesting, to say the least."Contact Power-Manufacturer of packaging.They will send you a replacement."No charge," the sales representative told Norman .".Norman believes that the representative is absolutely wrong.He is sure about it.I asked Norman what made him think the rep's statement was incorrect."You broke your salary," Norman told me .".Norman really means that when the customer has made a mistake about the loss or damage to the product, no company will give up something.Norman also saw ads for replacement cables for sale (not free) on the manufacturer's website ).This further strengthened his belief.So he's going to pay.Every attempt to correct what the sales rep said only increases friction between them.Everyone takes a firm stand, sticks to what they say, and believes it correctly.But it can be said that someone must "blink" sooner or later ".Norman did.Why?It is useless to maintain this deadlock.In addition, the conviction of the salesperson attracted Norman's interest.But most importantly, Norman wanted to prove that the salesperson was wrong.So he went to a nearby coffee shop and called the power company.Customer service department of packaging manufacturer.The sales staff are right!“How?Norman thought.Why advertise when a phone call can give you the same product for free?...The problem bombed Norman's mind.But he never bothered to find the answer.It is more important to replace the wires.But time is the only trade.off.But that's okay.It is important to get the rope in any way.Funny: a few days later I met with Le Roy again and he told me about his recent coffee and muffin experience :...A cup of coffee, a cup of coffee-The wheat muffin on his favorite coffee cart was a morning routine for Le Roy at work.One morning, while waiting in line for his turn, Le Roy noticed the coffeeThe pastry display cabinet in the shopping cart is almost empty.Nor did he see his favorite pastry on display.Le Roy thought that everything was definitely sold before he arrived, which surprised him.Because this has never happened before.But everything he thought for the first time.So as soon as Le Roy ordered coffee, he was on his way.Leroy went on to say the story I told him about Norman's experience with charging the rope and asked him to stop and turn around and ask the server of the coffee car if he had anything complete --wheat muffins.Yes!There are waiters in the coffee car.However, a group of customers who asked for coffee suddenly rushed to him, delaying his time.Prepare the display cabinet before Le Roy arrives.These are two different stories and experiences;However, a theme connects them.Norman accepted the responsibility of losing the wire and seeing the price advertised meant that he should pay for the replacement of the wire.Is that right?Le Roy, not seeing the whole thing.The wheat muffins on the coffee cart mean no.Is that right?The point is that we don't think this is the case sometimes.We can become so rigid that when we think we are sure of something and we think there is evidence of support, there is no other point in our mind.This rigidity can sometimes prove useful;At other times, we may miss the opportunity because such attention will make us "blind" to the prospects that exist around us ".Knowing that there is a choice, we have the power to choose the best or the right one.Then, when we are so "convinced" of something and unwilling to give in to other opinions, it is worth paying attention to ourselves and noticing ourselves.It is then worthwhile to "relax" the rigidity, allowing access to another point of view.Just to see what happens.Quoting Dr.Richard Bandler, "Are you sure you don't know?”*--"Demand" and "demand" are two different ways.Say these sentences to yourself.
I want a car.
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