rc car charger ztw beast sl 45a 1:10/1:12 brushless car esc for rc car

by:Connectica     2020-03-20
1:10 pm Beast SL 45A our team has invested a lot of time and energy to bring you this completely amazing product.The beast family of embryonic stem cells is carefully designed and tested and fineTuned by experienced drivers, proven to be reliable and high-quality ESC.Besides that, we make it more waterproof.It's not splash, it's really waterproof.You can get your vehicle through the morning dew, along muddy roads, in wet snow, or in any other place where you are interested in driving a 1/10-class RC off-road vehicle or truck.Our beasts 45A and 60A are for pre-Professional level, no matter what vehicle you drive, it will provide you with more of what you expect.For the sake of safety, we also provide you with accurate voltage and temperature protection to ensure that you use it within a safe range.This is your dream ESC, who will show you at a very reasonable and affordable price, is definitely the best value keeper of your vehicle.
Features: 1 adjust with program card, enhance throttle response, excellent acceleration, strong braking and throttle linearity 2.3 Program card programming forward or reverse throttle limit 4 program card programming brake percentage 5 multiple protection function: Low Voltage cut-off-Shut down protection, excessiveHeat protection, loss of throttle signal protection 6 compatible with Novak, LRP, Orion brushless motor7.Micro-Heat dissipation of aluminum radiator.8.Waterproof design specifications for industrial cutting edge: maximum continuous current-45 ABurst current-260 ABEC output-Type 6 V/2 --4-pole sensor-free brushless battery5-10 batteries NiMH/NiCd or 2-3 s suitable vehicle for fat1:10 on-road and off-Road vehicle/truck, SCTOperation environment-Waterproof design allows you to use in almost any environment.Length 0010-44mmWidth -32mmHeight -37mmWeight -
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