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by:Connectica     2020-03-19
Recently, several smartphone manufacturing companies such as Samsung, Apple, Google, Motorola and LG are selling water.Smart phones.Since smartphones are a device that users carry around the clock, sometimes water or liquid damage is a cruel reality even when bathing or soaking in a pool.Sometimes even splashing in the pool or in the lake makes the equipment useless.So millions of people are using this type of phone to end the possibility of any accidental damage, but these devices are also more expensive than those that are not labeled waterproof.So we're going to explore here whether these smartphones are really water.proof or not.
Waterproof and waterproof
Must know that smart phones are an electronic device in some pre-conditions.Yes, the phones offered by some smartphone manufacturers are just splashes-They are friendly, but when they sell the phone, they emphasize that they are water.proof.
Some others can also be submerged in liquid.The phones can work when rescued, but they can't work when they are submerged in it for a long time or in depth.For example, the waterproof depth of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG V30 is as high as 30.So, there is no phone that is completely waterproof.In some pre-conditions, the phone can be waterproofconditions.
There are two standards.ATM and IP indicating these prerequisites for electronic devices.ATM represents the atmosphere and IP represents entrance protection or international protection.Among them, ATM standards are mainly aimed at electronic wearable devices and mobile phone IP.For example, the rating of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is IP68, which means that it completely prevents dust from entering and entering the water for a certain amount of pressure and duration.
So even if your phone has a high IP rating or the seller has marked it as waterproof, stay away from the water as your phone is only waterproof.You have to understand the subtle difference between the terms waterproof and waterproof.You can always purchase any phone without a high IP rating and protect it from liquid damage through a waterproof case.
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