trickle charger for car my scooter won't start! the top 5 most common mistakes ...

by:Connectica     2020-03-16
We go out and run errands, go to school or work, uh, our motorcycles won't start!How frustrated.Here are some basic things that can be checked quickly to get back on the way.

Is your brake stuck?
Is the kill-switch off?
Are all keys along the way?(I know it sounds stupid, but as a repair shop manager, I 've been buying motorcycles here because the ignition is sticky and won't open all the way.The owner was embarrassed when I made sure the ignition was on all the time and the scooter started right away.Always working for a mechanic, right?
Second: will it start?Try to start playing.Don't give any gas to the scooter at the beginning of the kick (you might drown it ).Try to start-it 5-10 times.If that doesn't work, give it some gas and try again.
Third: check the fuse next to the battery.Most fuse boxes next to the battery have an extra fuse box in case the original fuse box explodes.Check the fuse first.It only takes a minute.If it is hit, replace it with the extra one in the box.
Fourth: start jumpingit -Scooters are not like cars.The scooter battery may run out of power and no one can start it except to charge the battery or replace it.So in the meantime, jumpit.Remind now.These small scooter batteries burn out quickly, so if you choose to jump, just turn the cable on in a few seconds, start and disconnect quickly.If you're in 5-You can break the battery in 15 minutes.These scooter batteries are not able to handle the amplifier that comes out of the car's battery.If you want to buy a trickle charger, buy a 2 Amp charger.
Fifth: Take out your starter tank (you know, the one you bought when you bought the scooter --Each scooter owner should have a can) and spray some liquid on the UNI air filter on the carburetor.They tried to start over.Keep the throttle running if it starts.Before you figure out what's going on with your scooter, put your starter liquid in your seat.
These steps should allow most scooters to hit the road.It may be more serious if these don't work, but at least we 've done some basic things and saved us a repair fee for fixing something stupid or easy to fix ourselves.
Happy Riding.
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