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by:Connectica     2020-03-12
You must use the power cord.But do you know what regulates them and what makes them useful for the purpose you want?International Committee of electricians-The abbreviation IEC is the organization responsible for providing the power cord with standardized specifications.Let's take the IEC320 power cord as an example.The term "IEC 320" refers to the electrical specifications of this connector.
IEC ratings IEC 320 outlets from 6 to 10A at 250 VAC.As a result, most wire accessories come with plugs to insert the instrument, but whether their ends are suitable for the power outlet depends on the country and equipment you are using.When it comes to producing this type of wire for international manufacturing, it is more efficient to produce an instrument with an ordinary power outlet and a correct power cord than to produce a different model.
We have discussed several different types so far.Today, we will discuss different types of type C power cables and discuss their features.C13 wire 125-250-V connector.Search these wires online and you will find that they are different in length and grade.
Over the years, they have gained a lot of popularity due to their efficiency and design.You can find the angled, straight C13 wires and the ones with locks.You need to find out which one fits your purpose.
Wires with locks prevent the danger of downtime due to loose connection.Because of the shape of the C5 line, it is often referred to as the "Mickey Mouse" connector.With the C5 power cord, you can access the switching mode power supply.
You can use them for different types of portable workstations.19 The power cord is highTemperature change of Cca/c20You can often find it on data center rack-power decentralized units and enterprise-level servers.People also use these cables as part of a Cisco MDS9700 arrangement rack --SAN switch installed.
No matter which one above-Mention the wires you decide to buy and you will find them in both;non-Removable and removable construction.Therefore, according to the purpose and type of equipment, it provides a power cord that works safely and efficiently
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