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by:Connectica     2020-03-12
When you spend your money on fiber optic cables, you have to make sure they provide the fixed features you expect around you.With the right cable, you will have a system that will run in a capable and affordable way in the long run.The three main aspects that you need to consider as a buyer are mentioned below.
There are two main types of optical cables.The multi-The pattern model is designed to enable signals to propagate in various patterns.Basically, it can follow many different paths within the chain.
This type of modern cable uses laser-Optimized optical glass and vertical cavity surfaceemitting laser.And single-mode cables.They are based on laser technology that enables fast and secure data transmission.These models are specially designed to carry signals along very long distances.
That is why they are used for telephone and cable networks.If you want to create cables for the network inside the building, you should consider moremode ones.Diameter of fiber-The optical cable has a direct impact on its function.
That's why it has to be chosen carefully.
The most widely usedThe pattern model gives you two choices.62.5 micron and 50 micron.Currently, 50-Preferred micron diameter.This is mainly due to the greater bandwidth they have.You know, at 50-The bandwidth of the Micron model is also different.
This is why in order to make the right choice, you must have a clear understanding of your personal requirements.There are a variety of architectural options.The most widely used product is worth seeing.
Tight buffer fiber-Flexible cable, easy to terminate.That's why they use it indoors.Three main points.Types in this category.Distribution cable is the most common.The Simplex and zip lines are mainly used for backplane and jumper applications.The distribution box is used for directional terminals without distribution boxes.
Cables with loose tube structure are used outdoors because they are more sturdy and resistant to moisture.In this category you will find armored cables for applications buried outside.Ribbon cable with small diameter.Overhead cables are used to set up on poles outdoors.
Whether you want to buy a fiber optic jumper or a cable, please keep the above statusRemember these points and be a smart buyer
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