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The throat is also called a voice box, located between the swallow and the trachea.Its function is to make sure the airway is open, breathing, speaking and closing when we swallow to make sure there is no food to enter the trachea.
Throat cancer is also known as throat or throat cancer and can develop at any part of the throat.Most of the throat cancer is squamous cell carcinoma, because the malignant cells that are transformed in the epigastric epithelial cells that originated from the epigastric hyperplasia are uncontrolled.
The vocal cords were invaded by malignant cells.



The cancer gas invades the lymph nodes near the neck and throat.

Compared with people who never smoke, smokers are 30 times more at risk for throat cancer.
An extension of time.Secondhand smoke is also believed to be the cause of non-smoking.2.
Compared with non-or moderate drinking, heavy drinking is twice the risk of throat cancer.In a controlled study in which tobacco and alcohol combined affected the risk of throat cancer, the researchers found that smoking and drinking were independent risk factors for throat cancer.Heavy drinking and smoking can increase risk, which may mean biological synergy.3.
As age increases, the risk of throat cancer increases.Most cancer cases are usually detected in people between the ages of 50 and 75.3.
In stomach and esophageal diseases, stomach acid returns to the esophagus, causing burning pain.It is caused by prolonged acid damage to the throat.In some studies, the researchers found that long-term gastric and esophageal disease increases the risk of throat cancer.4.
Malnutrition can lead to the risk of various diseases, including throat cancer, due to weakened immune system.Some researchers believe a lack of sufficient vitamins may be a risk factor.5.
HPV infection in the throat may increase the risk of throat cancer.While the theory of infectious diseases may require further research, prolonged throat infections can increase the risk of cancer in some patients.6.
In the African population, the incidence of throat cancer is twice that of the Caucasian population.7.
Men are at greater risk of throat cancer than women.This may be due to the high proportion of men who smoke and drink alcohol.9.
People who suffer from weakened immune system due to disease or malnutrition have a risk of throat cancer.10.
Inhaled or exposed to wood dust, asbestos, or many types of chemicals that increase the risk of throat cancer.11.
Most of the time the occupation that requires the use of sound can damage the vocal cords, causing polyp cancer.12.
A retrospective study of 200 patients with oral cancer found that 10 of the 11 patients who did not smoke or drink alcohol used mouthwash frequently and had high alcohol content, but further studies showed that, gargle with high alcohol content has no connection with throat cancer.13.Etc.
The physical examination is always important and is done by your doctor, just as you have some of the above symptoms, your doctor suspects that there may be throat problems with any abnormalities in the neck, the thyroid, throat, and lymph nodes, including swelling and lumps.
In fact, not all abnormalities are cancer.
By using a small, longYour doctor will check if there is any abnormality in your throat, including your vocal cords reflected through the-reflection image on the mirror.2.
Using a hollow medical device or a fiber optic cable called a throat tube, inserted through the mouth or nose, any abnormalities that may not be visible through a local or general anesthesia examination.3.
Biopsy is the process of sampling from sensitive areas or tumors and other tests are performed by small needles of local or general anesthesia.The pathologist will examine the sample under a microscope to review the staging of the tumor.4.
CT scans produce a lot of two-dimensional X-Light images taken around a single axis of rotation to create three-Detailed size picture inside the body.The doctor will look at these pictures to understand the extent of tumor abnormalities, such as the spread of cancer to nearby structures and lymph nodes.This test helps determine whether the abnormality is a cyst or a tumor.In some doctors, X-rays can also be ordered with CT scans.5.
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging is one of many advanced techniques for visualizing cross-sectional imaging of the internal structure of the body, effectively used to provide better details of cancer metastasis in the throat and surrounding areas.6.Etc.
A.The grade of the tumor depends on the nature of non-invasive or invasive.The tumor with slow diffusion has a lower grade, and the tumor with rapid diffusion has the highest grade.B.

Stage 0.If the cancer cells do not penetrate deeper tissue, they remain on the surface of the lining.
The cancer is no longer on the surface, but has gone deep into the depths of the lining, but still completely inside the throat.
The cancer is not deep ≤ 3mm (1/8), and the width ≤ 7mm (1/4 ).
a.1.IA1 stage: expand the depth of
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