usb c wall charger why keep away from cheap usb chargers?

by:Connectica     2020-03-13
\"Hey buddy!Guess what?I bought this charger for a dollar.\ "You may have been involved directly or indirectly in moments like this.However, no matter how much you show off cheap charger deals, or how much you collect at a cheap price, you should know that you will encounter unpleasant surprises in the future.
And it can be any scene.
When your smartphone is out of charge or charging is very slow and you don't know what to do, a journey stops.If you want to avoid the above, you must know how to find the right USB charger.Only in this way can you stay away from the cheap USB charger.
But before we find out what to do, let's understand the meaning of Amp and its abbreviations.Amp defines the amount of charge at a specific point through a point.The number of amps supported by the device is called the number of amps.
The higher the number of amplifiers, the faster the charge.It is abbreviated as "a" and ma ".As we all know, the Charger is a cable and adapter that can help you to energize the battery of your device.Now, if you are keenly observing the USB chargers, you will be sure to notice that they all have their respective connectors.
Includes micro USB, usb c, or Lightning.
It is important to understand and identify the connector so that you do not make the wrong choice.For example, the usb c is an overlay connector that you can insert up.It provides the best use for all Windows and Android devices released after 2015.
Usb c is also used for Windows and modern Mac computers.It is common to find Lightning connectors with Apple's mobile devices.So make sure you know your device and buy your charger accordingly.
If you use different devices and different USB adapters at different times, you must know that they have different charging rates even if all Chargers have the same connectors.The more powerful the device is, the higher the number of milliamperes should be.Let's consider the iPad and iPhone, for example.
1 amp for IPhone.
1A and iPad need 2.
Now, if you charge the iPhone with an iPad charger, the iPhone may get a bit hot, but it won't cause much trouble.So when you buy a new charger, make sure you find the amp rate charger that suits your device.Your search is not just done with the correct charger.
You also need to consider the power supply when charging the device.Although you may have worked on the output that provides a high quality power supply;There are some USB ports on the computer that do not provide high quality charging.Even though the charger you are using is correct.
If you use a wall socket, you will find enough power to charge your mobile device, charging up to 13A.This is very similar to car cigarettes that provide up to 12A power.When it comes to Chargers with cheap cables, you can't distinguish between USB ports and wall sockets.
This can greatly reduce the charging standard.So if you plug in the charger it will show the USB-Charging current is 500 mAH-That's half the power you really need.In addition, even if the charger is poorly shielded, the charging speed will be reduced.
Beware of Chargers claiming to provide fast charging but not fast charging.Make sure you follow the aboveThe guide mentioned above will protect your device before you buy the charger.Do you have any other questions about the charger or experience that you would like to share with us?Please feel free to do so!.
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