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by:Connectica     2020-03-13
When everything is on the go, the Motorola M800 bag phone is the ultimate communication tool.When it's time to get on the road, the M800 & M900, a powerful Motorola digital pack phone that offers full mobility no matter what you need...Whenever you need it, let all your connections move like you do.
These phones are specially designed for people who work or live in remote areas or rural environments.For example, workers working in natural gas companies, oilfield personnel, agricultural companies, power companies, Forest/park ranger maritime services, truck drivers, public safety officers, etc, basically for those who live in such a field who need reliable communication!The performance features of the powerful digital CDMA Motorola Bag Phone are quite amazing.Its internal antenna plus an optional external antenna provides final reception by enhancing coverage on rural or urban highways, cabins and even camping.
It provides special access to voice and data communication, such as data transmission;Transfer e-E-mails, faxes and documents, emergency location services from remote and possible locations, and integrated assisted global positioning services (-Navigation system.With adjustable blue backlight and contrast display settings, its high resolution display provides excellent visual clarity and ease of useFor reading and writing.The speech recognition function, the name and number dialing of the voice activation, allows easy voice dialing.
With multiple power supplies, users can charge with cigarette lighter adapters, wall chargers, and rechargeable batteries.The Motorola m800 bag phone boasts excellent audio quality with background noise suppression and echo cancellation.The M800 bag phone provides great benefits for individuals working or living in rural areas.
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