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by:Connectica     2020-03-16
In recent years, the technology of CCTV or CCTV has made great progress.Nowadays, fixed monitors are no longer needed to watch CCTV footage.You can watch CCTV footage via your smartphone or a laptop connected to the Internet.You can view the camera output remotely and store the recording in the cloud.
If you own a business or retail premises, you may have installed CCTV cameras in that location.However, in addition to installing the camera, you may also want to view the recording according to your own schedule and convenience.This is the place to watch pictures remotely.To view the CCTV footprint remotely, you will need to install the CCTV app on your Android or iOS device.There are several apps on the market.We will discuss several of them here.
Ome Camera: This is an iOS app for remote viewing of CCTV Camera output.It is highly rated by users.The paid version costs $3.99 but there is also a free version.The app streams the video directly to the device, so there is no need to download the video.Although the Android version is not as popular as the iOS version, the app also has an Android version.
ICamViewer: iCamViewer is an app that uses CCTV apps for free, allowing you to monitor up to eight IP cameras.For iOS devices only.
Motion Detector Pro: The app is available for Android devices and allows you to monitor places using advanced motion detection algorithms.The phone starts recording when the camera notices motion.It is free to use.
M-Monitoring: the paid version records the video and automatically uploads it to youtube.There is a free version that records pictures and audio when it receives text messages from a specific phone.
Mobile focus: both iOS and Android devices are available.It allows remote viewing and control of the PTZ camera.
Smartvue S12: this is an advanced video surveillance app that can interact with the cloud to store and retrieve CCTV footage into the Smartvue Cloud server.It offers mobile access to any HD webcam as well as DIY camerasto-Cloud cameras for real-time and recording cloud video surveillance.It is also available for Android and iOS devices.
It's easy to set up CCTV for remote viewing, just a few steps away.CCTV can connect to a smartphone by using a router or computer connection.

1: connect the DVR to a network router using a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable.

4: Access the video stream from the IP address you set up for the CCTV monitoring system.

1: install the video capture card in the computer.
2. install drivers and video capture software.
3: connect the CCTV camera to the computer via DVR.
4: start the video streaming software, let the data of the camera as the input of the video streaming software.
5: Configure network options such as URL, user name, password, etc., The video will be transferred to your mobile device via computer using these Internet options.
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