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by:Connectica     2020-03-17
As we all know, Apple launches new smartphones every year. according to previous records, September is the month that Apple provided us with the iPhone.September is coming and we will have the iPhone 7.We expect the best features if we consider leaks and rumors.

If we say in general, the first thing that appeals to the iPhone 7 is the look, so is the same thing.Depending on some bugs, it looks like the iPhone 6 as it is displayed in the same size as the iPhone 6.In more detail, the screen size of the iPhone 7 is 4.The 7 inch and its plus version will be a little bigger in size and will move 5.5 inch screen.
The IPhone 7 is also made of an aluminum one-in-one frame, with some minor modifications to it.The antenna belt is placed in a better way by placing it on the top and bottom edges that were previously placed on the back of the phone.
We will also improve on the camera side.It's a bit big, located in the corner of the device and with the iPhone 7 plus we'll get a dual lens camera.
If the leak is correct, there will be no headphone jack.Apple plans to eliminate the headphone jack in the next model and will use the same space in improving hardware or making it thinner.If the user wants to connect the headset or needs to use a Bluetooth pair, they need to use the Lightning port.
Also tempting is that we will use the 3D technology of the iPhone 6 s and the same hardware used in the latest MacBook.We will get more details about its design at its launch.

The display of the IPhone 7 will certainly not be the same as the iPhone 6 as the baseline 1080 p LCD screen.For example, the color temperature movement function will be seen on 9.The dci-7 inch Pad Pro for the tablet might be thereMake it appear more different, more authentic shades.Regarding the display of the iPhone 7, this is all we know, based on all the information gathered from leaks and rumored updates.

Leaked images indicate that the iPhone 7 will have a dual-lens camera, indicating that the camera quality will be equivalent to the DSLR.Its camera quality is still unclear, or it's covered up by some rumors.

The iPhone 7's processing system has also been improved compared to the iPhone 6 s.Apple's A10 processor chipset is expected on Apple's iPhone 7.
If we think the leak is true, then the RAM size of the iPhone 7 Plus model will also increase, which is 3 gb of RAM, which was 2 gb of RAM for the previous iPhone 6 s.By doubling it, the storage size has also increased.We can say that in the previous 6 s model there would be at least 32 gb of internal storage, that is, 16 gb.Even with 32 gb of internal storage, it can be expanded by using the SD card.
So with the iPhone 7, users can choose 32 gb of memory, while the rest will have 128 GB and 256 GB.There are rumors that the iPhone 7 will be charged wirelessly.
People are excited about its waterproof performance.So, this is a brief overview of it hardware, and the rest will be made public when it starts up.
Apple recently revealed that iOS 10 with iPhone 7.

Confirm that the iPhone 7 will be available on September 7, 2016 and pre-Orders will start on September 9 and will be widely available starting on September 16, 2016.
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