The interior of Connectica’s data & charging cable is made of 118 tinned copper cables that are intertwined and have a powerful charging effect. Its surface cladding material consists of PVC coated aluminum foil, aluminum mesh, PET, and PU. It has a faster-charging effect and is safe and stable to charge without damaging the cellular phone. It has a variety of surface materials and can be customized.

All of our cables are of high quality, high performance and are designed with great attention to detail. Our cables are known for their high-speed transmission and charging speed, providing customers with a very smooth running experience.

This versatile cable is compatible. It is highly compatible and can be used with many electronic products and can be perfectly matched to them. It is worth mentioning that the product is certified by MFi.

It makes a simple cleaning solution feasible. The surface is smooth and not easily stained. It can be easily wiped with a cloth, easy to clean and easy to use.

The cable is specially designed to have a moderate thickness and is ideal for hiding under a carpet or pillow. Therefore, the user will have a pleasant experience and will not have a long messy charging line.

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