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Let’s talk about PD!!!!


Speaking of the USB-PD agreement, the full name is actually USB Power Delivery, for most of the people not really familiar with that yet but, but now more and more mobile phones have begun to support this agreement and use it for the fast charging purpose. For those who have a little bit understanding about this agreement will think that the power output the USB-PD protocol is USB Type-C, this is the difference between what we are using now which the output is USB-A but definitely not able to say that those with USB Type-C Output is PD. In short those with USB Type-C Output not actually a USB-PD but those with USB-PD definitely have the USB Type-C Output.

Picture A: Our CTC-0005 Travel Charger with USB-PD Agreement

Why does the charger that supports the USB-PD Agreement have to use the USB-Type-C connection? This is because the USB Type-C has some new unique features that differentiate from the USB-A like free side plug-in and the most important supporting higher power transmission rate with maximum power of 100W with Higher Transmission Speed of up to 10Gbps etc. These are the reason why more and more Android O/S Mobile Phones and Apple Macbooks are beginning to use the Type-C interface. Out of all of the features, the USB-PD fast charging protocol, undoubtedly the most important reason for the usage is because of the maximum power transmission of 100W. Although the USB-A of USB 3.1 can also achieve the transmission rate but due to the larger size it has causing the usage of Type-C to become the mainstream era and also fulfill the demand of today's electronic devices trending to become thinner and lighter.

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