The power bank of Connectica is precision machined with a fiber coating and excellent texture. It has a luxurious appearance and a very textured look.

When users go out, they can charge their phones without plugging it in a socket. The compatibility is very strong. It can charge many electronic products in time, such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and so on.

It is small in size and easy to carry. Its volume, weight and thickness are much reduced compared to other chargers. Its ultra-thin design provides customers with a new charging experience. Although it has a small thickness, it has a large battery capacity.

Its frame has good heat dissipation, impact resistance and safety. It is very slip resistant and drop resistant. It does not heat up at a low temperature and is safer than a normal charger.

The power bank is equipped with an aerospace high-grade polymer battery. It not only is manufactured to protect against explosion and fire but also prevent power leakage. Its battery has been certified under MFi, CE, FCC, RoHS, UL and UN38.3, so it is highly safe to use. Connectica has dramatically improved the quality of our products from improving its power source.

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