The products MFI lightning cable made by Connectica are widely praised by users for their versatility, portability and stylish appearance.

Our products power bank have an anti-stick effect so they can be kept clean for long periods of time. They are noted for their anti-fall, shockproof, waterproof and moistureproof features. Moreover, the products are characterized by cold and heat resistance and chemicals resistance.

They can be effectively used to reduce the polarization effect during the charging process. They also feature overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, and high-temperature protection. These four security features ensure that users can achieve safe charging. The products can detect in time that the battery is fully charged and will not cause overcharging.

They are not easy to rust and are highly durable, and they can dissipate heat quickly and have the characteristics of stable charging, high efficiency, safety and reliability.

They have a variety of protection functions to effectively extend battery life. Also, they are very compatible and are suitable for all mobile phones on the market today.

Their superior quality makes connecting electronic devices simple and secure. Connectica designed the products cell phone charger pad to make it easier for users to use an electronic device phone charger pad with no worry for dead battery.

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